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Belize District
Store Name Address City
Peoples Shop Belama Ph 1 Belama Ph 1
Tony`s Groceries 4320 Fabers Road Belize City
Fai Cheng Shop 2# Farmers Market Belize City
ASAR Groceries #139 Neal Pen Road Belize City
De He Li 38 Freetown Road Belize CIty
New Road Supermarket 84 New Road Belize City
Bottom Dollar North Front Street Belize City
Princess Casino Newtown Kings Park Belize City
Ving Fa Supermarket Cemetary Road Belize City
Jusco Plaza 101 Freetown Road Belize City
Kim Store Euguana Ext Belize City
Quang Sing 45 Racecour Street Belize City
One Plus One 3065 C.A. Blvd Belize City
Huang Yun Store 32 Cemetary Road Belize City
Jians Shop 11 Naragusta Belize City
Eric Supermarket West Landver Belize City
Lucky Star 2805 C.A. Blvd Belize City
Y & M 8078 Machonory St Belize City
Hong Kong Game Room 50 Queen St. Belize City
Jan Kang #38 Iguana St Belize City
11 Shop 4452 Oleden St Belize City
A and G Shopping 29 Baymen AV. Belize City
Tony Shop 2A Vernon st. Belize City
Gadgets Central American Boulevard Belize City
Li Li Shop 6482 Jasmin St/ Mohogany St Belize City
Xi He Li Shop 61 Vernon St Belize City
ESSO S.S. Cementary Road Belize City
Tan Kee Shop 27 George St/Church St Belize City
Candy Shop 19 George St Belize City
Kumhua Shop 25 Daly St Belize City
Williams Supermarket 23-6th St Belize City
Julia Supermarket 253 Belama Phase 1 Belize City
828 Super Center Chetumal St Belama Belize City
Moon Grocery Corney Drive Belize City
Belize Traders 52 C.A. Blvd Belize City
Vin Hong Supermarket 3 Euphrates Ave Belize City
Kraal Road Market 3738 Kraal Road Belize City
Isaray Shop 40 Mahogany St. Belize City
88 Shopping Center 153 Douglas Jones St Belize City
Heng Loon Bastra St Belize City
Caries Campus 67 E. Collet Canal/Cemetary Lane Belize City
Qin Shop 6636 Mahogany St Belize City
888 shopping palace central american blvd Belize City
Twins Supermarket St Thomas Belize City
Bi Way Gift Shop 70 Freetown Road Belize City
Arwing`s Shop 24 Santa Barbara St Belize City
Brodies Northern Highway Northern Highway Belize City
Sea Shore Store Northern Highway Belize City
Brodies Albert street Albert St Belize City
Baba`s Grocery Amara & Cut Ave Belize City
Chang Lian Shop King & Amara Belize City
Shop Right Ladyville
Honey Supermarket Mile 8 Northern Hwy Ladyville
Lows Supermarket 8 and half mile Northern Highway Ladyville
Sky City 8 Mls Northern Highway Ladyville
Brother`s Store #15 Gordon Drive Lord`s Bank
La Divina Providencia Escalante San Pedro
E & W Store San Pedrorito San Pedro
Super Buy South Sea Grape Drive San Pedro
El Dorado Pescador Drive San Pedro
Super Buy Angel Coral St San Pedro
Fa"s Supermarket 19 Miles Sandhill
Every Day Supermarket Hattiville Hattiville
Key Caulker Shoping Mart Front Street caye Caulker
Stan Creek District
Store Name Address City
Havanah Pharmacy Havanah Pharmacy Dangriga
Best Buy Supermarket 126 Commer St Dangriga
Alex Shopping Center 41 Pen Road Dangriga
King Store 45 Pen Road Dangriga
Xian Dali Store Dangriga Dangriga
Texaco Valley Rd 1 3/4 Mls George Price Dr Dangriga
Happy Shopping Center Hopkin Village hopkins
Juns Super Store 195 King Street MangoCreek
Lucky Store 207 Hercules Ave. Independence
Nangkee Superstore 11 Main Stree Placencia
Everyday Supermarket Placencia Village Placencia
Canche Pomuna New Site Pomona Village
Tolido District
Store Name Address City
Rajus Variety Store 27 Main St Punta Gorda
Mahungs Store #11 Corner Main and North St Punta Gorda
Price Is Right 125 Jose Maria Nunez St Punta Gorda
Cayo District
Store Name Address City
First Choice Variety Blue Creek St. Belmopan
Shell Belmopan Constituion Drive Belmopan
Chens Shopping Mall 3886 mountain View Blvd Belmopan
Cardinal Supermarket 3436 Cardinal Avenue Belmopan
Buca Services Station Constitution Drive BMP Belmopan
Cardinal Pharmacy Constitution Dr . Mkt Sq Belmopan
Long Lucky Benque Viejo Rd Benque Viejo
Texaco Benque Viejo Benque Viejo Benque Viejo
Zhens Store George Price Blvd Benque Viejo
CMS Boom Grocery Y Ave Burrell Boom Burrell Boom
Lisa Supermarket Boom Burrell Boom
Dennys Grocery Camalote Village Camalote Village
Benipal Store #17 Burns Avenue San Ignacio
Chuc Service Station Bulet Tree Road San Ignacio
Texaco San Ignacio Benque Viejo Rd San Ignacio
Maxwells Super Market Bullet Tree Village San Ignacio
Romeys Store Thornley st San Ignacio
ABC Super Store 30 Bullet Tree Road San Ignacio
Celina Supermarket 43 Burns Avenue San Ignacio
Shell San Ignacio San Ignacio San Ignacio
Wing Sing Buena St San Ignacio
Kwoks Welcome Superstore Western Highway Santa Elena
Lin Super Store 164 Western Highway Santa Elena
Highway Supermarket 21 Western Highway Santa Elena
Garbutts Service Station Roaring Creek Roaring Creek
Hua Yong Supermarket Western Highway Succotz Village
Suzi Store Located by new Cementary Succotz Village
J & J Teakettle Teakettle
Corozal District
Store Name Address City
Chang Sang Supermarket College Road Corozal
Yangs Supermarket San Roman Village Corozal
Tang`s Supermarket 38 Santa Rd. Corozal
El Gallito 2nd St South Corozal
Henry Supermarket College Rd. Corozal
Corozal Town Terminal Corozal Corozal
Tiason Shop No: 4 Park Street south Corozal
D & L Supermarket 6th Avenue Corozal
R.J.V. Grocery Altamira Road Corozal
Circle K 6th St San Andress Corozal
Dengs Store 19 7th Ave Corozal
Moe Market 5th Ave Corozal
J Mart San Joaquin San Joaquin Village
Han Yan Shop San Narciso San Narciso Village
Orange Walk District
Store Name Address City
G Mart San Estevan San Estevan
Lemars Emporium # 5 Dunn St. Orange Walk
Jasmin Grocery Shop 28 Belize,Corozal Rd. Orange Walk
Robis Bakery and Grocery 49 Fonseca St. Orange Walk
New Chitos Queen Victora Ave Orange Walk
People Choice Belize/Corozal Road Orange Walk
Aldey Store 11 Lovers Lane Orange Walk
Bricenco Glass Shop 42 Barkers St Orange Walk
Aaron Supermarket Belize Road Orange Walk
Tans Farm Trial Farm Orange Walk
128 Chinese Store San Andres St Orange Walk