How To Play TV-Mega Bingo!

October 1,2013
Play Mega Bingo and WIN BIG!!! Purchase your Mega Bingo TV ticket at your local retail outlet for only $2.00 and watch Channel 5 on Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 P.M. to play your Mega Bingo TV ticket! All Mega Bingo TV tickets have 24 bingo numbers with the center as a free space. There are 75 bingo balls. Compare the selected bingo ball to the numbers on your Mega Bingo TV ticket. If you have the bingo number called, mark that number on your Mega Bingo TV ticket.


Patterns Prize Amount
Straight Line $100.00
Letter X $750.00
Inside World $1000.00
Outside World $1450.00
Full House $5000.00
Jackpot $100,000.00 +

How To Play Instant-Mega Bingo!

Play Instant Mega Bingo and win up to $1,000 instant cash. Match the numbers on your bingo face with the numbers printed on the bottom of the Instant Mega Bingo ticket to see if you are a winner.


Patterns Prize Amount
4 Sides $5.00
4 Corners $5.00
Tacky T $10.00
Xpress X $15.00
Double Cross $20.00
Inside World $50.00
Lucky L $100.00
Zesty Z $250.00
Outside World $1000.00


February 2,2012

Mega Bingo is the Game!!! Mega Bingo is now introducing our NEW 25 Patterns. Now with HUNDREDS more winners per show.

January 23,2012

Mega Bingo is the Game! And on Saturday, January 21st, 2012, the Mega Jackpot of $139,349 was won by a lucky Mega Bingo player. It’s the first jackpot won for the New Year and we are so excited for the winner to come forward and collect his/her big cheque

January 19,2012

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